May 19, 2011

Silly Movies with Genealogy

The other day I watched a cheesy, 1980s, sci-fi movie for some mindless entertainment, called Trancers. I'd never heard of it before. It must not have been in theaters very long, if at all. The special effects were bad, the acting wasn't great, and about the only person I recognized was Helen Hunt. But it had a decent story, and an ingenious plot device related to genealogy.

In the future, time travel to the past becomes possible, but only if you identify one of your ancestors who lived in the time and place you want to go back to. (I so wish that was possible. It would be great for research!) If you want a diversion from more serious matters, Trancers is available to stream on Netflix. It's only 76 minutes long, and there's plenty of unintended comedy.

Kind Hearts and Coronets: The Criterion Collection
The only other movie I could think of with genealogy as a major plot point (besides Roots) is another comedy, King Ralph. A brief search on IMDb turned up Kind Hearts and Coronets, with Alec Guinness playing eight different parts! It even has a literal family tree on the cover. I added it to my Netflix queue. Besides documentaries, are there any other "genealogy" movies? Silly or serious, suggestions are welcome.

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  1. A cheesy 1980s science fiction movie with genealogy in it? Irresistible! Hmmm, trying to think of other genealogy movies....