Mar 2, 2011

My Family Surnames

I guess this is obligatory on genealogy blogs, so here are the surnames of all my great-great-grandparents, in alphabetic order (including some alternate forms or spelling):
  • Behrend/Behrendt/Berend
  • Berqvist
  • Callahan
  • Click
  • Cziok
  • Harris
  • Hill
  • Koerber
  • Machula/Maczula/Matschulatis/Maczullatis
  • Mittelstadt/Mittelstaedt
  • Lagergren (was Nilsson)
  • Parks/Parkes
  • Reberg/Rehberg
  • Sontopski
  • Stein
  • Wobith
If you're researching any of these families (especially the rarer surnames), we might be related. I have lots of information on some, hardly anything on others. But by sharing, we might be able to extend our family trees back another generation or more. I'll periodically post things as I find them, or at least once I have time to write them up.

I've added these surnames to a permanent page, with its own tab at the top. As I publish more surnames to individual posts, I'll add them to that page so they're all in one spot.

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